Elder & Special Needs Law

We assist older adults, individuals with disabilities, and their families, to plan for and deal with the unique issues that affect them.  We identify and implement actions that allow these clients to take full advantage of all public benefits to which they are entitled.


Our available services include:


  • Preparation and/or revision of basic legal documents (Will, Powers of Attorney, etc.)
  • Advise about and prepare trusts to obtain or safeguard eligibility for needs-based public benefits (Medicaid, SSI, etc.)
  • Advise trustees about the administration of trusts
  • Advise about, and help implement, asset protection strategies
  • Manage the Medicaid qualification process - defining what may be kept, identifying what to keep and what to spend, developing best spend-down strategies, collect all necessary documentation, submit and process the application, and provide direction for future steps to maintain eligibility
  • Consult and advise about remedies for abuse of older adults or individuals with disabilities
  • Represent parties in Probate Court guardianship proceedings.